How I get my Ten-Month-Old to Sleep

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My fussy ten-month-old has a hard time falling asleep. She is teething and screams like a fire alarm every time I put her in her crib. Me and my husband have spent many sleepless nights trying new strategies to calm her down, but nothing has worked.

After thorough research, trial and error, and talking with my pediatrician, I figured out six ways to get my ten-month-old to sleep like a baby.

1. Make a Bedtime

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I put my baby in her crib around the same time every night.

Giving my baby a set bedtime helped her get into the routine of going to sleep, which made sleep time less of a hassle. It also gives me time to get my five-year-old ready for bed and get other important things done.

Read The Truth about Putting your Baby on a Schedule by Happiest Baby to learn how to set a bedtime.

2. Cry it out

My pediatrician informed me that it was important for my baby to learn how to soothe herself to sleep by crying it out.

Initially, I hated this idea; however, it’s the most effective way of getting her to sleep at a particular time.

When doing the crying out method, you must lay your baby down in their bed thirty minutes to an hour earlier than their desired bedtime. This way your baby goes to sleep around the desired time rather than after it. Always make sure to check on your child every ten minutes.

I did this for a couple of weeks and she now naturally gets sleepy around her bedtime. Sometimes she’ll go to sleep without my help.

Read the article Baby Sleep Training: Cry it out Methods written by Baby Center for more info about the cry it out method.

3. Feed your Baby

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I always make sure I feed my baby before I put her to bed. When a baby is full they normally feel sleepier. This made bedtime go more smoothly. Make sure to feed your baby half an hour earlier than bedtime, so they can fully digest their food, which will prevent reflux.

4. Read a book

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Like an adult, a baby needs to unwind before going to bed. Often I will read a book to my baby and it helps her calm down and makes her feel sleepy.

5. Bathe your Baby

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I don’t bathe my daughter at night anymore since it’s fall season and cooler at night.

Normally, when I give my baby a bath, it makes her sleepy right away. Before fall came, I would bathe her right before bedtime, then put her down to sleep. She would sleep through the night without waking up.

There is even an Aveeno lavender body wash and lotion you can purchase that’s suppose to calm your baby.

6. Talk to your Doctor

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If your baby is teething like my daughter, you should consider consulting your pediatrician for possible medicinal options.

Teething causes your baby’s gums to be sore consequently causing them not to sleep. Pain medication can reduce your infants pain,  which helps them sleep better.

My doctor recently prescribed my baby ibuprofen and it has improved her sleeping.

Final Word

It’s important for your baby to get at least thirteen hours of sleep a day. So, make sure your little one takes at least hour naps in addition to bedtime every day.

Finding the right sleeping method for your baby takes time and patience. All the things I discussed above worked great for my baby but may not work for someone else. Please talk to your pediatrician before trying any new sleep routine with your baby.